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Holiday heaven

This was my view of the world all of last week, dressed in my best bikini and sarong and modelling the latest in my long line of sun hat acquisitions.
Kinda nice isn’t it? Behold the pristine beauty and magnificent splendour that is Port Stephens, a short two and a half hour drive north of Sydney. Finally being in a place where summer was alive and well felt like paradise, especially after the dismal offerings of a unseasonally cold and wet December!

We summer-starved Sydneysiders flocked to their beaches like moths to a flame. My boys have always been big fans of the surf and consequently they threw themselves into each oncoming wave with an exuberance borne of youth; their smiles blazing as wide as the expanse between the red and yellow flags on the beach. I greeted the water in the manner of seeing a long lost friend – arms open wide, a big grin plastered over my face and a little squeal escaping my Invisible Zinc-ed lips – and feeling all the accumulated stress and tensions of the just-finished year slip further and further away as each wave crashed over my body.

We’re now back home and I’m trying to get my head back into working mode but man, it’s so hard. In a blink of an eye my mind is back in holiday mode, slapping on sunscreen and adjusting my hat before stepping out into the sunshine to do, well, anything I feel like.

Such is the power of a beachside summer holiday. 🙂

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  1. Rosie Avatar

    Welcome back to the reality, Sarah! I love your tag: sloth is good, LOL

    There's nothing like the beach. Great that the boys love it and that you're a bit of a squealer when it comes to cold water. *g*

    Hope all is well up there hon. x

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