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Soothe the soul…

Holidays have that precious ability to soothe my soul, especially at this manic time of the year. After the frenzied crazy of Christmas it’s so good to get away from it all, even if it’s only for a short while. My family and I have just had three amazing days away and we’ve loved every moment of it. 

Check out our home away from home for the past few days. Can you feel the serenity? This place was very swanky, as you’d expect from a resort attached to a golf club and a day spa. I could definitely get used to living like this on a regular basis! The pool, especially, was a big hit with Son#3. He may have grown gills by now. 

Hopefully we can come here again sometime. 
Our days have been spent swimming, going for walks on the beach, eating, sleeping and doing not much else. It has been absolutely FANTASTIC. Exactly what we all needed.
Look at that awesome sky, created by a big storm blowing through. Ten minutes later, the grey was all gone and it was back to being a beautiful shade of blue.
I’m planning on a little further R&R from blogging until after the New Year but I just thought I’d pop in to show you what we’ve been up to. Now we’re home, I’ve got the massive job of de-Christmassing the house and cleaning it all from top to bottom. Not to mention attending to the PILES of dirty washing we’ve brought home. Ye Gods. Let’s hope the good weather holds!
Enjoy your upcoming weekend. What are you all planning for New Year’s Eve? Big bash or quiet night at home?

3 responses to “Soothe the soul…”

  1. Janine @ Shambolic Living Avatar

    Looks gorgeous. I think this New Years Eve will be a quiet one at home. Hope you have a good one.

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    I think our NYE will be much the same. Last year I wasn't even awake at midnight! Too tired from Christmas, lol.

    All the best for 2013, Janine x

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Beautiful and not far from our holiday house. Aside from Christmas Day the weather was great. I'm not looking forward to getting the house back in order either – makes me tired just thinking about it.

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