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Dirty laundry…

So, ET is blaming depression for his year-long affair, is he? In the words of John MacEnroe, “You cannot be SERIOUS!”

I read the article in The Australian Women’s Weekly today – splashed over no less than EIGHT pages – and looked at the obligatory styled pictures of a contrite ET and his wife, Monique. She looked totally shattered. And wedding band-less.

Image Credit: Alana Landsbury, AWW

How does putting the blame on depression excuse or explain what happened? I find that kind of reasoning rather insulting. And it wasn’t as though it was a one-night stand – if that really matters – the affair lasted a whole year. I mean, come on. No kind of PR spin can fix how that looks. Depression and infidelity aren’t linked in a join-the-dots kind of way; one doesn’t necessarily follow the other.

And what about the ‘other woman’ in all this? Did she have depression too? I sound cynical, I know, but this kind of transference of blame really irritates me. Celebrities do this kind of shit all the time – is it any wonder they’re so screwed up? Whatever happened to being responsible for your own actions?

ET fucked up majorly. Several times. He should man up and be ready to live with the consequences. Not try and pass it off as a chance to create more public awareness about men’s depression. Give me a break. And I have to ask: why put this in the media anyway? The Ettingshausen’s weren’t paid for the article so why do it? Haven’t their kids had to deal with enough? They must have suffered plenty from the fallout already. I feel sorry for them.

Whatever happens now, it should be a private matter between ET and his wife. WE DON’T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT IT. I may run screaming from the room if we do.

What do you think of ET’s reasons for his infidelity? Have you read the article? Let me know what you think.

4 responses to “Dirty laundry…”

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  2. Rosie Avatar

    In my dealing with depression, you can hardly GET out of bed let alone go to one with another person *g*. But there are two ways of describing depression in our society, I think hon: 'life threatening depressive illness' and 'depression as feeling sad and blue'

    Wonder which one ET had?

    sorry, but I have really strong thoughts on this one.

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    From what I've seen so far Anonymous, a lot of other people do too.

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Strong thoughts are good, Rosie, don't apologise! I'm glad you commented actually because I wondered what your take on this might be.

    In my dealing with depression, you can hardly GET out of bed let alone go to one with another person

    EXACTLY. I just find it really hard to accept his reasoning about the 'why' of it all. I can't even imagine what current or former sufferers of depression might think.

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