Here comes the bride!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention ploise – it’s time to go clothes shopping for the perfect wedding outfit (complete with hat, naturally) – we of the British Commonwealth have a royal wedding coming up on the social calendar!

Prince William has finally asked the eminently suitable (and obviously very patient) Kate to be his lawful, wedded wife. And she, in the very best of British accents, has delightedly said “Yes, of course.” Awwww, they’re so sweet. Such a lovely piece of news to hear because everyone loves a wedding, don’t they? I most certainly do. It seems like forever since the last major Royal Nuptials — and I had to look it up — can you believe it’s almost 30 years ago since Charles and Diana got married?

While berating begging awaiting William to pop the question, women’s magazines in Australia have had to content themselves with speculating about the engagement, pre-empting announcements of the engagement, or rehashing the will they/won’t they stories about the couple. Add to that, also printing gushing stories about the day-to-day exploits of ‘Our’ Mary (formerly of Australia’s Tasmania but now living as Princess Mary of Denmark) or bringing us an ‘exclusive’ every time the hapless yet likeable Sarah Ferguson manages to do something stupid, it’s been a royal flush of news! I bet those magazine staffers are burning the midnight oil now. The Wedding royal watchers (and the magazines) have been waiting for (and OMG, have they been waiting… something like 8 years!!) will be a day during the English summer in 2011. *sigh* How fabulous.

I wanted to mention the thing that stayed with me about this announcement – it was the news that Kate’s engagement ring is the same one that belonged to Diana, the late Princess of Wales. The romantic in my soul absolutely LOVED this little fact. I think Diana would be thrilled to bits too. I adored that ring when I first saw it in 1981 – and probably explains why my own engagement ring is similar in design (although nowhere near the size or price of hers!!)

My lovely ring…

and my inspiration… 

So congratulations to the thoroughly modern Will & Kate. They look so very happy and relaxed together and I wish them all the very best of British luck. *g* I’m a few months away from clocking up 16 years of marriage myself to the one and only Provider (OMG.. has it been that long already?) and honestly, I can’t believe time has flown by so fast. He’s one of the good ones but we still congratulate ourselves (jokingly!) for making it this far without calling in the lawyers, lol. 
Will and Kate have a better chance than most modern royals today, given the length of time they’ve already spent together. However nothing in marriage – or life for that matter – is guaranteed, especially if you’re a Windsor it seems. What is guaranteed in this case though, is the inevitable mass coverage of every last bit via the media. *sigh* Let’s pray to God lessons from the past are well heeded.

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  1. Neverold Avatar

    Enjoyed your view of the romantic couple's final decision to go to the altar… but which altar to go to??? I am expecting and invitation so rushed out to the charity shop yesterday to see what is on offer. After all, we are in a recession and seem on the cusp of a double-recession!!!! so things must not cost too much for the wedding of the decade. I'll let you know if they share any little secrets with me – as I expect to be consulted on all matters as the days go by. Loved your view of this marvellous royal occasion …

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