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4/12: Music for Monday…

Wow. It’s been a huge day. My youngest had his first transition day in the high school support unit today. We’ve been building towards this moment all year and H was keen to finally check out his new school a little more closely. We arrived at the office to find a small group of other students waiting, equally excited as they were nervous. Parents were much the same, although I could sense a hint of anxiety in some as well.

They need not have worried.

In short, the new school was a HIT. Rocking up at the end of the day we were all greeted with wide smiles. They’d been to the science lab for fun experiments, made Christmas craft (a fabulous paper snowball which now proudly decorates the top of our table-top tree), played games on large numbers of iPads at their disposal and made some new friends. And tomorrow is jam-packed with more fun activities, including a BBQ lunch!

There will be more challenges to face in the coming year, I know. There always are. But seeing the happy smile on my son’s face and the relaxed manner of his demeanour this afternoon was the best possible start to high school I could have asked for. It made me feel like I could breathe again. Despite all the changes, it really is going to be okay. In fact, it may even be better than that.

I’m feeling alright. (Unlike Joe Cocker, here. Welcome to Music for Monday, Joe).

You feeling alright?
I’m not feeling too good myself
You feeling alright?

– Joe Cocker

Happy Mondays, everyone.

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  1. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    How wonderful – I have been waiting with interest to see how my third grandson H went on his introductory visit to High School. I am sure he will participate fully and thoroughly enjoy his high school years – just hope that they have a medal system – he certainly likes working towards them.

  2. Reservoir Dad Avatar

    Yo Sarah,

    The reason I got into this song is because I had just dropped off the older boys at school, taken Tyson and Maki to swimming lessons, got back home and put Maki down for a sleep and let Tyson chill in front of the TV with some fruit while I opened your post, listen to Joe Cocker, and cooked myself some breakfast. I'm feeling pretty good so Joe's question got me nodding. Also happy to hear everything went so well for you son. Hope he's having another great day. See you next week for another breakfast song. Party on.

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    They most certainly DO have an award system, so H will love that. He's very keen on them, as you well know!

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    A boogie and some breakfast sounds like a great way to start the day, RD. I saw Joe in concert a few years back and although his voice couldn't quite reach some of the high notes, he was still amazing to listen to.

    Day 2 at high school was another good one – Orientation is tomorrow with parents invited along as well. The plastic fantastic will get a beating, I'm sure, with new school uniform and books to buy! I may not be feeling alright after that!!

    Cheers, dude. Have a great week.

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