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Music for Monday…

If you are lucky, there may be a time during your children’s sporting lives when they are part of a team who manage to win a premiership. They will have played their hearts out all season, survived the do-or-die rounds of quarter and semi-finals, and gone on to reign victorious in the grand final. The cups and medals will sit proudly on their bookshelves as a tangible reminder. It’s an achievement most kids remember with much fondness for years to come.

And if you are very, very lucky, this awesome aligning of the planets may actually happen to you twice in a row. What happens next is an overwhelming explosion of emotion that floods your body in varying amounts, a mixture of immense pride, relief, excitement and/or happiness. Whatever you might call it, I can safely say with the utmost of accuracy that it feels PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

Winners are grinners!

Check out the totally rapt Mr 14 and his ecstatic mother after his team won their Under 14’s rugby union grand final on the weekend, making them back-to-back Premiers. In a game that went right down to the very wire (grand finals have a habit of being like this, don’t they?) our boys fought hard to come home in front, 26-19. Congratulations to all the boys involved AND their parents – it has been well worth all the early mornings and miles driven to finish the season with such a great result.
Given the events of the weekend,  there was really only one song that could be today’s Music for Monday song choice, no prizes for guessing what it is:  
Queen: “We are the champions” –  Click play and turn it up! Happy Monday, everyone!

2 responses to “Music for Monday…”

  1. The Kids Are All Right Avatar

    Aw, proud mumma. It's a feeling I may never know (my eldest is not the sportiest, the two younger – we'll see) but I get parental pride 🙂

  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    I love watching my son play, I really do. But sport is not the only place for parental pride, you're quite right about that. I have a friend whose son plays guitar so beautifully – she posted a clip of him performing at a concert recently and he was fantastic. Her cheering at the end of his performance said it all 🙂

    Watching your children achieve is the coolest thing out. 🙂

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