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Music for Monday

What a weekend. I need another two days to catch up on sleep. There was the usual rugby on Saturday and this week we were playing at a ground an hour’s drive away in the eastern suburbs. The weather wasn’t kind to us at all – winds were gale force and extremely icy, making life on the sidelines only for the hardcore. Fortunately there was a mobile coffee van at this ground and also – much to my amusement – a mobile barber van so spectators could kill two birds with one stone and get a hot drink and a short back and sides. LOL.

Both vans were flat out with customers!

From there, I drove up to the Blue Mountains for the night with my good friend, Lilith Bloom. We hadn’t planned on doing much, just dinner that night and breakfast and a bit of shopping the next morning. But still plenty of time to have a chat and enjoy a short break from motherhood, albeit for a bare 20 hours or so.

The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains – aren’t they stunning?

This morning though, it is back to reality. My entire day so far has consisted of cleaning up the house. Putting load after load of washing on, hanging it out, unstacking and re-stacking the dishwasher, hand washing the stuff you can’t put in there, vacuuming, putting stuff away…. you get the idea. Incredible when you consider that the place was clean when I left!

So I definitely needed some musical inspiration to help me along. Fortunately there was heaps to be had as the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London was showing on the telly this morning. Stacks of great music: David Bowie, John Lennon/The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Spice Girls, Annie Lennox, Russell Brand, Muse…. and that’s just what I saw! And not least in that long list of British talent, George Michael. He provides the song for today’s Music For Monday post so turn it up and have a listen to “Freedom”.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

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