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For the next two weeks we’ll be glued to our TV screens watching sporting teams do battle at the London Olympics. And if you’re like me, probably cringing at the standard of the television commentary, haphazard as it is (Eddie McGuire, I’m looking at YOU). But for the athletes, four years of hard slog and sacrifice have all led up to this moment. Can you imagine what they’re feeling right now?

Just making the Olympic team is a feat in itself! I’m impressed by their dedication and endurance to get that far, the early mornings, the lack of social life, the continual hard graft against the clock. Anyone who does that willingly has my respect, let me tell you.

So today’s musical selection is dedicated to the world’s athletes who are giving their all in pursuit of Olympic glory. This song was featured briefly in the opening ceremony which I thought very appropriate. Unlike some of the other choices, but there you go!

“We can be heroes just for one day”

An all-time classic from 1977 – David Bowie and Heroes. Happy Monday, everyone!

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