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Music For Monday…


“At last!” she breathed, with a smile.

I looked around my house this morning and saw the detritus of the weekend lying wherever it was dropped. There was a good deal of it too but today, it didn’t faze me. The rattle and hum of the washing machine working its way through the first of many loads to come rumbled in the distance. Its spin cycle ended with a whirring crescendo and then a satisfying stillness fell over the room. A gentle snore then broke the silence and my eyes found the slumbering form of Spencer asleep on the couch, his body curled up beside the pillow, his front paws tucked up under his snout. Our reinstated morning walk had exhausted him.

So how’s the serenity? Just bloody beautiful is what it was.

School is BACK, baby and I am so happy it is. OMG, there were loads of smiling parents at school drop off today! Son #3 was less than impressed about school being back however and did not appreciate my unbridled excitement. Sorry, darling. It’s just that while Mummy found it nice to start the day without an alarm clock there comes a time during the holidays when the novelty of that wears OFF. Usually when you and your brothers start to bicker and tease and annoy, just for the fun of it. And I’d kinda like to have my house back so I can actually get some work done. And other, important blogging stuff. M’kay?

So here we are, a Monday. Which means it’s time for some music. And to mark this glorious occasion when serenity is once again part of my house (between the hours of 9 and 3, anyway) I thought I’d play a song from one of my favourite bands, Pink Floyd. Their music always makes me want to relaaaax. They’ve had stacks of great songs over the years, although not so much lately. I saw these guys in concert in 1988, one of the first big name acts I’d ever seen live. They totally raised the bar about what live music should look and sound like. It was brilliant, a night I’ll never forget.

So turn up your speakers, soak up the old school ambience and have a listen to this track from Pink Floyd – Learning to Fly. Happy Monday, one and all.

4 responses to “Music For Monday…”

  1. Sarah-Jane Avatar

    My boys are also back in school after a week off and I'm loving the peace and quiet. Great Monday music – I loved Pink Floyd's '88 concert in Melbourne – such good times back then 🙂

  2. The Kids Are All Right Avatar

    We got off to a bad start to the term – I'd believed my daughter when she told me it was a student-free day. She was still asleep when I got the SMS from the school asking where she was. Oops.

  3. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    I'm loving the fact that I can clean up an area of the house and it STAYS clean, for hours at a time! Those heady days in the late 80's were indeed good times, I saw so many amazing bands live back then. *sigh* 🙂

  4. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Oh man! Your daughter is SO busted! But don't feel bad, I've fallen for that one before as well. Schools need to SMS parents directly about pupil-free days, I reckon!

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