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Why I’ll be a rock chick til I die…

Especially when I go to concerts like this:

Image: WSDN

I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I bought the tickets before Christmas. Did I want to see Lenny in concert? HELL, YES. They were my Christmas present to me and I couldn’t help but congratulate myself over my brilliant choice of gift. Self-gifting is a practice I have followed for many years and one I wholeheartedly recommend to all:

1. Because we all deserve it

2. You ALWAYS love what you get.

The Provider and I travelled into the city for the concert at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre. We parked our car at the Parking Goldmine (for its owners, anyway – God, they must make a KILLING!) and walked around the corner to join all the other cool rockers like us. We shared the obligatory snack on a park bench outside McDonalds and were ‘fortunate’ also to hear the old man sitting behind us loudly break wind. I quickly turned to reprimand The Provider and threaten never to take him out again, but he shook his head and nodded toward our seating companion. My look must have said it all because Trumpet Bum Man left shortly after.

We found our seats inside and so it began. Supporting acts for Lenny were Wolfmother (Aussie rockers with a love for hard rock guitar, an awesome performance) and the Cranberries (they were okay but I’m not a real big fan). Two hours later we were pumped with anticipation and dead keen to see the coolest rock legend take the stage.

We were NOT disappointed.

Image: TripleM / Ashley Mar

First song off the bat was his new one, “Come On, Get It’ and boy, did we ever. I was in rock chick heaven. It may have been 18 years since Lenny was in Sydney but man, time has stood still for this dude. He looked HOT, sounded fucking AWESOME, and made my ovaries jump up and dance their little egg-packed socks off.


Image: Triple M / Ashley Mar

Image: WSDN

He sang all my faves – ‘American Woman’, ‘Rock & Roll is Dead’, ‘Fields of Joy’, ‘Mama Said’ & ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ but the highlight was his encore, ‘Let Love Rule’ which included his walk through the crowds of people, right up to the very back. I can tell you from my own close-up experience of less than 2 metres (!!) that Lenny is one ripped and very sexy individual in the (hot and sweaty) flesh. He’s also very tall which was handy for the half a dozen security blokes following him, probably freaking out at the risk of being mown down by the hundreds of over-excited women throwing themselves into the path of Luscious Lenny. I know the blonde chick in high heels trying to run along the top of the row of seats behind us certainly had that in mind.

Almost two and a half hours later, it was over. Our ears were ringing, our throats were dry and our voices croaky. But everyone who left that building agreed – we had just seen the most amazing performance by the coolest rock legend around. The Provider and I agreed, it was worth every cent. Don’t wait 18 years until the next time, Lenny. Let love rule, baby xxx

Were you there last night? What did you think? Or if not, who have YOU seen in concert lately?

2 responses to “Why I’ll be a rock chick til I die…”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Last night I was surrounded by blokes…….just not the hot and sexy, motorcycle riding type I usually hang out with…… 😉
    Though I did manage to attain the attention of one special bloke, ALLLLLLL night. Unfortunately he's 4 legged and LOVES to lick and wrestle.
    But I loved it anyway. 🙂

  2. What Sarah Did Next: Avatar

    Hee hee. I know the four-legged bloke loved having you over too, lol.

    Thanks a bunch, sweetheart x

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