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You’re NEVER too old for a Happy Meal…

“But what if I don’t want to grow up?”

I stifled the sudden urge to laugh and simply smiled instead. “Oh, honey I’m sorry, we don’t get much of a choice about that. Everyone grows up sooner or later and so will you. You’ve already grown up lots since last year… and soon you’ll be a teenager!”

I made a goofy face at my 11 year-old son, bouncing down on the bed beside him. His immediate response, in his usual deep American-accented voice, was so funny I couldn’t stop the laugh from bursting out this time.

“Mom. Get a hold of yourself.”

At which point I grabbed myself by the arms, held on tight and shook, which made him laugh as well. He’s got a sense of humour, my boy.

We’ve been talking a lot about growing up stuff lately. H may have autism, but he’s every bit as normal as any other 11 year-old kid out there, grappling with the complexities of adjusting to life with increased hormones, hair growing in all new places and dealing with a sudden influx of pimples.

I really feel for him though. Some days I feel like I’m barely managing by the seat of my pants but for a kid who likes things to be organised, structured and somewhat predictable, this whole ‘growing up’ thing must seem insurmountable at times. I can literally ‘see’ the anxiety pouring off him sometimes. 

And there’s so much more change to come. High school beckons in 2013 so transitioning for that big change has started in earnest. We got a letter from the Education Dept a few days ago – they’ve offered H a place (which I have gratefully accepted!) in an autism-only unit within our local high school. I’ve already heard some really positive feedback about it so am very encouraged by the prospect of what’s to come.

The other bonus is it’s a mere ten to fifteen minute walk over the hill from our house to the school. Spencer (and I, it must be said) will certainly benefit from the extra daily exercise. And halleleujah, no more sitting in traffic!! THAT is one change I definitely won’t be sorry about.

Ch-ch-changes… is it a case of ‘turn and face the strange?’ What kind of changes are YOU dealing with at the moment? Oh, and who else loves David Bowie? 

4 responses to “Ch-ch-changes…..”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    That's great news about the school! Big Changes ahead but I'm sure with each day at a time you'll get through it and before you know it you'll have three grown up boys and an old lazy dog!
    And they'll all still enjoy Happy Meals 😀

  2. Lois Ronberg Avatar

    Wow Sara, I did not know one of your boys has autism…. this is so well written and there is tons of emotion in your words. Hugs Lois xx

  3. Fiona Avatar

    Wow, big changes! We're facing the beginning of the high school journey in 2013. I'm trying to stay calm. And great news re the school. It's great to actually get what you want and need sometimes!

  4. Groovy Grandma Avatar
    Groovy Grandma

    My Darling daughter, you are coping with all life throws you with courage, humour and love – your three sons are so lucky to have you as a Mum. I am sure that with your help and support H will learn to cope with the changes in his body, his life and his feelings very well indeed, especially if occasionally accompanied by a Happy meal. AND just think of the time, stress, and petrol you will save, by walking to school, instead of fighting with the traffic twice a day – that has to be good

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