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This post almost didn’t make it online today. I am forever grateful to the incredibly calm and capable Daniel at my local Apple store. All thanks must go to him. His sense of ‘can-do’ was very soothing to my frazzled nerves today. I’ve only had my MacBook Pro for a mere three months and am still learning my way around it, but already I am deeply in love. So you can understand my anxiety as I waited for help at the aptly named ‘Genius Bar’.

Enter the hero of this story. I think young Daniel realised how stressed the 46-year old woman in front of him was when she gabbled on and on about how “this is the first Mac I’ve ever had and OMG, I think I’ve broken it!” Or something like that. Ahem. As I said, I was a bit stressed!

He checked a few things and then said he’d have to take it ‘out the back’ for a moment, to try something else. This is a statement that always fills me with worry. What the hell really happens out the back? In secret. Away from the public view. Maybe all kinds of unmentionable atrocities, things far too dreadful to be done at the front counter? Yet I nodded all the same, and waited for Daniel to come back.

A short time later (fortunately, as my imagination was starting to run rife) the door opened and he appeared with my Mac in his hand. He laid her gently on the counter. I held my breath. One push of the button and… SHE WAS WORKING! *chorus of archangels* He did explain what the problem was but the only thing I can remember is something about a power surge issue. I was too thrilled to care, the only surge I was thinking about was the one of relief that was washing gratefully over me.

So back to the business for today. Music! I thought I’d go back a bloody long time few years to my early teens and play a song that was big when I was in high school. Say hello to 1979… here’s Mi-Sex with “Computer Games”. We had no idea of what was to come, did we?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, people!

2 responses to “Music for Monday…”

  1. Deb Avatar

    God no! My family didn't even have its first (well, its only) Commodore 64 back then!

    PS. I changed over to Mac-everything a couple of years ago. My iMac nearly drove me insane initially but now I'm a convert (and have a Macbook Air as well), oh and an iPhone also… though not a 5!

    Glad yours is all fixed!


  2. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    It's such a good feeling to have my Mac back, safe and well – I'm very attached to her! I'm definitely a Mac convert now too. I want to do some one-on-one classes at the Apple store to learn how to do a few things with my photos. I've worked out how to do some things but I think it'd be faster with someone teaching me!

    Thanks for dropping by, Deb x

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