Hot town, summer in the city…

I don’t think I have loved our ducted air-conditioning quite as much as I have loved it over the past 48 hours. Summer has definitely arrived in these parts. Since Friday we’ve been blasted with the most incredibly hot and humid weather, much hotter than usual. We didn’t have much of a summer last year, frankly, so we’re not used to it. At ALL.

Yesterday it was 41 degrees in our backyard; Friday saw the mercury rise to a still sweltering 39. Just horrid. Stepping outside was like walking into a furnace; thick, enveloping heat immediately smacked you hard across the face, swallowing your body whole within seconds. Open your mouth and you could almost ‘taste’ the humidity in the air, so heavy was the moisture.

I’ve been staying inside in the air-conditioning as much as possible but Mt Washmore wasn’t going to wash itself (unfortunately) so I’ve had to venture out a few times to hang out a few loads of washing. After 5 minutes, any memory of cool comfort is lost. Sweat is pouring out of every pore in your body. Not pleasant.

Even Spencer, who loves being outside and is known for being most particular when it comes to exactly where he will ‘do his business’ has streamlined the whole process due to the heat. There’s been no walking around, sniffing every blade of grass for the right spot. It’s two steps onto the lawn and that’ll do! He’s then inside quick smart and lying spreadeagled on the tiles to cool down.

I can relate. Staying at indoors at home has been the preferred activity of choice for most of us this weekend. Mercifully the cool change began to arrive this afternoon. We might actually get some sleep tonight with a cool breeze blowing gently through the window. Tomorrow should be much better – I’m all set to Christmas up my house like nobodies business!

How’re things at your house? Hot? Or are you in the northern hemisphere and welcoming the start of winter? 

8 responses to “Hot town, summer in the city…”

  1. Fiona Avatar

    Things I love about Melbourne weather – dry heat, regular cool changes, variety. I don't cope well with humidity, so I guess I won't be moving north any time soon!

  2. Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right Avatar

    We're pretty hot over here in the inner west – no air-con either 🙂 We planned Saturday with military precision. We'd take the small girls to Westfield for the day, where we'd see a movie , have some lunch, buy some groceries and Christmas shopping, and by then most of the heat should be out of the day and we could return home. The 3yo lost it after the first hour in the movie and the food court lunch was a disaster. We came home early to a hot house and with a frazzled pre-schooler. Fun times!

  3. Janine @ Shambolic Living Avatar

    Really liking the coast at the moment, it's been hot but nothing like what you have got!

  4. Team Roy News Avatar

    Awesome cartoon! Bloody hot at our place on Saturday – baking for the eldest's birthday party was brutal.

  5. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    You can cope so much better with DRY heat, can't you? Even after living here for over 25 years, the humidity still knocks me around. I laughed at your comment about not moving north because of the humidity – I've always felt the same way about moving to Queensland! 😉

  6. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Oh Rachel, you have my sympathy. Overwrought under-5's are NOT fun. It's much more comfortable this morning, I'm not even stressing about the fact that my washing has been rained on – it's just so nice to have some cooler temps!

  7. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Coastal living certainly has its advantages, Janine! Great views as well, you lucky thing!

  8. What Sarah Did Next Avatar

    Haha, I laughed too when I saw it. You are definitely in the running for MOTY, baking in that heat! We survived on salads and cold meat most of the weekend – there was no way I was spending lots of time near the oven.

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