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    It’s on the list…

    I’m a closet list maker. Are you? There’s not a day goes by that I don’t have a hastily scribbled list of things I need/want/would like to do during the day. And while I don’t always get everything done on that list, I figure I’m less likely to forget it if I write it down. I have all kinds of […]

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    Is this the owner of the house?

    I’m someone who is generally thought of as being ‘nice’. Even-tempered. Polite. Calm. These are just a few of the words I’ve heard people use to describe me. And that’s really lovely. I pride myself on the ability to continue to be nice even when my brain might be screaming blue murder or even thinking […]

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    I’m back, bruised but unbowed…

    You would not believe how my life has been this past month. ZOMG. Try crazy. Frustrating. Heartbreaking. Stressful. More than slightly desperate. But mainly, bloody hard going. There have been more days that I care to remember in the last four weeks when I’ve woken up and silently pleaded with the universe: “Please, please, please… let today be a good day.” As it stands, […]

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Former wild-child of the 80’s, classic rock fan and loyal friend to a particularly awesome group of people. Forever planning to write more. Fervently wishes she lived at the beach. Loves the mighty All Blacks. Rather partial to a cheeky glass of red.

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